17 of 50: Girls on the Run

Understanding the power of the mind-body connection can be a profound tool in living a happier and healthier life. So why not start young? Girls on the Run (GOTR),  a 501(c)3 non-profit national organization, focuses on empowering girls in the third to eighth grades to develop confidence through physical movement and accomplishment. GOTR encourages self-reflection and understanding, emphasizes the value of supportive relationships, and helps girls better understand the power they have to connect with—and shape—the world they live in.

Led by certified GOTR coaches, the fun activities that form the basis of GOTR are meant to both engage the body and the mind—and instill valuable life skills along the way.

Each GOTR season culminates with a 5K run that brings together participants and their families, coaches and other volunteers, and even people from the larger community. The 5K not only serves as a tangible event to mark an achievement but also celebrates what can happen through goal-setting, dedication, and teamwork.

A unique organization with a powerful mission

M3 believes in the mission of GOTR and is proud to contribute financially. In addition, M3’s own Alicia Kiser chairs GOTR’s South Central Wisconsin board of directors. And since the organization is nationwide, M3 employees and their spouses throughout all our offices volunteer their time each year to local GOTR chapters.







Girls have unique challenges growing up. Girls on the Run responds directly to these challenges by giving them the tools, both physical and psychological, to develop their own voices. The organization helps girls learn how to stand up for themselves, stand up for others, and stand up for what they believe in. That’s incredibly important during their formative years.

— Alicia Kiser
M3 Director of Human Resources | Girls on the Run Board of Directors Chair, South Central Wisconsin

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