Employee Benefits

Your organization has specific requirements for your benefits package to tackle your unique challenges, manage premiums, and attract and retain talent. Are you settling for a one-size-fits-all plan?

We’ll work with you one-on-one to leverage our world-class resources and create a personalized plan that integrates competitive features with strategies that control costs and keep you compliant.

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Introducing: Pharmacy Solutions at M3

Pharmacy is one of the biggest concerns for employers who want to maintain a robust benefits package while containing costs. Today, your options can feel limited and you might even lack insight into what your benefit is really offering you and your employees for the money.

M3 does pharmacy differently. 

Rely on Connie Perry, PharmD, and the pharmacy solutions team to provide you with transparent and independent consultation. They’ll use their comprehensive solutions stack to analyze pharmacy contracts and propose custom solutions.

Learn more about pharmacy solutions at M3

Data Analytics + Underwriting

Decoding Your Data…Our Way

It’s one thing for your broker to say they have data capabilities, and quite another to use that data to help you impact change. M3’s data analytics & underwriting team, led by Brian Meyer, uses a consultative approach to data that combines predictive analytics with deployable experts to drive your employee benefits strategy.

Uncovering Trends to Better Your Benefits

M3’s annual Health Care Trend Report provides employers with information they need to benchmark their health insurance coverage offerings within the current market by sector, employer size and region. Find out how your plan compares.


Health Captives for Employee Benefits with M3

The health captive concept takes self-funding one step further, creating a program that allows you to join with like-minded organizations to share similar levels of risk. M3 is one of the only insurance brokers to staff a director of employee benefits captives, Jason Nordby, to keep our clients at the forefront of this innovative funding arrangement.

Self-Funded Plans For Employee Benefits

Self-funded plans let you take control of your healthcare costs, but with control comes complexity. We’re here to help you keep it simple. Matt Boray leads M3’s self-funded practice, partnering with our internal data analytics and underwriting team to provide data-driven recommendations to our self-funded clients on stop-loss coverage, prescription drug benefit management, and more.

Voluntary Benefits at M3

Voluntary benefits can enhance your total benefits package and demonstrate your investment in the wellbeing of your team – without driving up costs.

  • Employee Engagement & Enrollment
  • HR Technology Solutions
  • Supplemental Health and Financial & Lifestyle Product Offerings

Rely on Katie Ott to pair the best products with the right processes to build a better voluntary benefits program that will help you attract and recruit talent and keep them satisfied and engaged in their work.

Katie’s 20+ years of experience driving employee engagement with voluntary benefits could be the advantage your organization needs to stand out in the marketplace and become an employer of choice.

Employee Benefits Compliance

You have enough on your plate. Let us make compliance one less thing you have to worry about. We’ve put together a compliance practice led by Karen Breitnauer that provides personalized consultation for our clients.

The team conducts research on regulatory and legislative issues, analyzes them, and breaks them down into plain, easy to understand language to assist with your compliance efforts.

Staying compliant just got easier.

Turn to M3 and Karen B. for quick and timely answers to the most common employee benefits compliance questions. At 5 minutes (or less) per episode, you can catch up fast and move on with your day.


Employee Communication + Engagement

When your employees understand your benefits, your engagement strategy can do more than attract and retain talent – it can also influence better outcomes and drive down health care costs. M3 will help you develop a communications strategy that educates your employees on your benefit plan and helps them make the best choices for their circumstance.

Population Health & Wellbeing

Tyler Stuntebeck, M3’s population health & wellbeing manager, uses quantitative data combined with knowledge of your organization’s culture to identify wellbeing initiatives that will make an impact on your employee population – then help you measure the results.

Integrating Financial Benefits With Your Employee Benefits Strategy

M3’s in-house consultants help you achieve a comprehensive, synergistic benefits package. Programs such as health insurance, health savings accounts, and financial security are inseparable in the lives of your employees – we know that your approach to benefits should be just as aligned.

Our team of retirement plan consultants provide oversight to financial wellness strategy development and implementation, plan and benefit design consulting, investment consulting, and fiduciary risk mitigation.


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