Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

M3 is building a culture focused on learning and progression, where M3ers are empowered by education, inclusive conversations, and real action that supports the future we envision.

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a guiding force for every aspect of our business. It’s ingrained in every action we take, because we know words alone are not enough to create a future where everyone belongs. And we believe our work is never done. Every day is an opportunity to do better for our employees, our clients, and our communities.


Through this three-step filter, we work to increase inclusion, diversity, equity, belonging, and understanding as an integral part of our culture and business.

M3 WBRG Committee 2021
WBRG Committee 2021
Dr. Alex Gee, Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development
National Women’s Day – M3 Madison
Networking Event for WBRG
Panel at WBRG Event 0921
WBRG Panel Event
National Women’s Day – M3 Milwaukee
WBRG Event 0921
WBRG in Milwaukee 2021
National Women’s Day – M3 Green Bay

Women’s Business Resource Group

M3 Women’s Business Resource Group is dedicated to women connecting with and helping other women on their path to success.

Why create a Women’s Business Resource Group? 

We believe that when groups of people are more diverse, they can be more innovative, and they’re more likely to develop unique approaches, questions and ideas. Our WBRG members have a voice which influences collaboration and growth and unlocks opportunities for acquiring and retaining business.

What do we want to achieve?

  • A diverse, inclusive workplace
  • Development of future women leaders
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Expanded marketplace reach

How are we doing it?

M3’s WBRG goals are realized in part through the work of three distinct committees: Commerce, Community and Career. By focusing on where these committees can have real impact – with our teams, communities, industry partners and clients – we are confident we can drive real change.

As a female in the technology industry, my own experience fuels the passion I bring to M3’s DEI committee. I’m proud of our efforts to foster belonging, value, and respect. This work doesn’t stop within our walls – so it’s important that we also share our journey externally.

— Kacie Conroy,
Director of Information Technology

Inclusion & diversity is important to me in many ways, both personally and professionally. M3’s efforts in this area are especially impactful for our education & government practice group. Our students need to see diversity in their communities and in business to know that there are others like them who are successful, happy, and productive – and that they are wholly accepted for who they are.

— Marty Malloy,
Director of Education & Government Practice, Partner