You know better than anyone that managing risk and creating a comprehensive employee benefits package for public entities comes with a bit of red tape. We’re poised to guide you around any obstacles, leveraging our education & government practice group resources to design and implement risk solutions that are specific to your government organization.

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M3’s Benchmark Report for Public Sector Employers provides a snapshot of the public sector market over the past year. This data can help you better understand the unique challenges you may face when structuring a health plan for public sector employees, and gives you the opportunity to compare your plans offerings to those of your peers.


Public Sector Benchmark Report 2024

Work with Advisors Established in the Public Sector

Property & Casualty

Kevin Miller is dedicated to bringing innovative risk management strategies to the table in order to keep your employees and the community safe.

Kevin brings more than a decade of property & casualty experience to our government clients, allowing him to understand the nuances of your work, and create customized risk management strategies.

Employee Benefits

Bec Kurzynske worked entirely in the public sector prior to joining M3, first as an educator and later as a superintendent of schools. She has a personal understanding of the concerns and considerations public entities must take into account when choosing their benefits, and is uniquely positioned to assist you in making decisions that will benefit your staff while keeping the taxpayer in mind.

Focused on Issues Impacting the Public Sector

  • Talent Attraction + Retention
  • Facility Safety + Security
  • Cyber Liability Risk Management
  • Safety, Health + Wellbeing Programs
  • Highway & Street Department Safety
  • Law Enforcement Risk Management
  • Financial Wellness Resources
Police Officer

Government Risk Management

Senior Risk Manager Dedicated to the Public Sector

Ted Hayes has worked with public clients for over 30 years, facilitating security assessments and active shooter training. He also helps clients implement safety programs and risk strategies.

Ted is a coveted speaker and trainer on security topics such as active shooter preparation. He is also a published author of two books on school safety and security.

Compliance Attorney Ready to Serve You

M3’s compliance specialization is led by Karen Breitnauer. The team conducts research on regulatory and legislative issues, analyzes them, and breaks them down into plain, easy-to-understand language to assist with your compliance efforts. You’ll have access to regular communication on compliance in the form of:

  • Real-time email updates
  • Weekly episodes of the Comply on the Fly podcast
  • Seminars + webinars
  • Roundtable discussions


Director of Rapid Response & Recovery

Chris Halverson, director of rapid response & recovery, has helped clients navigate their toughest moments for over 30 years. From activating recovery teams and consulting on risks and exposures in real-time to establishing a communication channel between the business, employees, and the media, Chris is there for our clients when they need it most.

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