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How do you choose a company where you can thrive in your career? A place where you don’t have to settle for either a generous benefit package or a caring work environment? A place that will be the right fit, where you can make an impact while fostering relationships and growing personally and professionally?

At M3 it’s all possible. We’ve developed a culture and a suite of resources that support you as a whole, dynamic individual.

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Your role at M3 won’t be about the boundaries presented in a job description – it’s about the possibilities that you can envision once you walk through the doors on your first day. We’re looking for people ready to take control of their career and excited to make a real impact with their position. Could that be you?


Angel Hammer

Angel Hammer

Talent Experience Manager
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Our culture is everything. It’s a culture that doesn’t just happen – it’s created with intention. We’ve worked closely with M3 employees to design a best-in-class environment that takes their overall wellbeing into account.

Physical Wellbeing

Creating a healthy workplace is more than just talking about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s about providing an environment where employees can actually make it happen. We help our employees fulfill their health and fitness goals by offering onsite fitness opportunities, onsite dining with healthy options, and flexible workspaces.

Exercise Room at M3

Social Wellbeing

The success of M3 isn’t measured solely by buying and selling insurance. It’s also about recognizing our employees and making a difference in the communities in which we work and live. We work hard to ensure our employees feel valued and encouraged to support causes that inspire them.

M3ers proudly serve on boards, committees, and task forces, offering their leadership and mobilizing their connections to help further crucial causes in our communities. And each employee has access to 8 hours of paid Volunteer Time Off each year, making it that much easier to put their time and talent to good use for causes they’re passionate about.

M3 Social Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

It’s important that M3 employees enjoy a fulfilling personal and professional life. We believe that creating a balanced culture is the cornerstone of this goal, so we offer benefits that support this balance and allow our team to be at their best every day.

M3 Emotional Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

The overall compensation and benefit package at M3 goes beyond the paycheck. It’s our way of offering employees the opportunity for strong personal financial health. When our employees are in a positive financial position, their focus can be on our clients. Our robust program provides staff with a sound financial foundation to meet their goals.

M3 Financial Wellbeing

Inclusion & Diversity

M3 strives to build a tolerant and respectful community where our employees feel a sense of belonging and valued for who they are so they can do their best work.


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Your development doesn’t stop once you’ve been on-boarded and are comfortable in your role. When you engage in career planning conversations with your manager, we want you to think way beyond your current role and responsibilities. We really do want you to dream.

Next-Gen Skills

M3 has a dedicated professional development team that is at your disposal, helping you create goals and action steps that will allow you to achieve the next level in your career. We’re at the forefront of identifying the next-gen skills needed in our industry and providing the education and resources our teams need to attain them. If you see your role evolving in a new direction, we’re here to help with that too, having one-on-one discussions to determine where you want to reskill or upskill.

2021 Summer Intern Farewell Event (Verstegen - Dorsey)

In an industry that’s often sink or swim, we’re not going to throw you off the deep end. Our customized framework for professional development allows new graduates and experienced professionals alike to leverage their existing experience while expanding key competencies like insurance expertise, sales skills, and client advocacy in a full-time role on the course to a rewarding future at M3.

Internships At M3

This isn’t your average internship. M3’s Business Insurance Internship Program has the capacity to launch your long-term career in insurance. With an emphasis on career exploration, our program offers flexibility to align educational opportunities and projects with your interests and skills while building relationships with other interns, professionals, and leaders.


Our people are what make this place special. They’re the ones who make our clients feel taken care of. They live out our mission and vision each and every day.

— Matt Cranney

When I considered a change, there were very few agencies I would have considered working for, but I knew M3’s culture was one that I wanted to, needed to, be a part of … being able to work with this team is what brought me here over anywhere else.

— Becky Menefee

I think we’re all shaped by our experiences. I didn’t get hired as CEO. I grew up through the ranks into the role. And because of that, I have a massive appreciation for what everyone does here, and I think we have a culture that honors and respects everyone’s contributions.

— Mike Victorson