M3’s dedicated surety team has decades of experience in surety underwriting & construction risk management. That knowledge is invaluable when it comes to matching your firm with the right surety provider.

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Focused on Wealth Creation

Our focus is on putting you in the best position to make decisions that improve your business. As your strategic risk partner, we use a comprehensive approach to mitigate risks and point you in the right direction. When you’re successful, we are too.

M3 understands how sureties view financials. We conduct an analysis of your firm’s financial & contractual risks to create the kind of transparency that fosters what we ultimately want – a healthy relationship with your surety partners and a program that meets your needs.

From national surety knowledge to an in-depth familiarity with what’s trending for sureties right on your home turf, we’ve got you covered.

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Travis Schreiber, director of surety practice, lends his insight to your project’s needs, managing relationships between surety companies and M3 clients to ensure you have appropriate access to surety credit.