Did you know 75% of businesses fail within 3 years following a major fire?

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Tier 1 Nutritionals


A major fire destroyed the center of this manufacturer’s operations.

Tier 1 Nutritionals (formerly known as T.C. Products) is an FDA-inspected contract manufacturer of vitamin and trace mineral premixes and high- value nutritional supplements for the livestock feed industry. Not that many years ago, the company suffered a major fire and an explosion of propane tanks – a disaster that damaged or destroyed much of its warehouse, material handling and production equipment, raw material and finished product inventories, and company-owned vehicles. One ray of light in the black cloud of destruction was this: The manufacturer was insured by a strong company, Nationwide, and had increased its stock and business income limits, including payroll, just a few months earlier, at M3’s recommendation.


A devastating fire didn’t stand in the way of the company’s resurgence. Today, Tier 1 Nutritionals is stronger than ever.

The evening of the fire, T.C. Products contacted its M3 agent to report the bad news. From there, the M3 agent took charge of the recovery process, not only mobilizing Nationwide, but also engaging a fire restoration contractor and numerous other resources to get T.C. Products back to operational status as quickly as possible. By 8 a.m. the morning after the fire, M3 arranged a face-to-face meeting with all stakeholders, and the execution of a business recovery plan commenced. Thanks to the plan and the efforts of a focused team of experts, the $700,000 in damages were repaired, employees were retained, inventory was replaced, and the company was back up and running to FDA approval – all in just a few months.

Since that fire more than five years ago, the company changed its name to Tier 1 Nutritionals and has expanded its capacity and capabilities. The company is now owned by Tim Jacobson, and under his leadership, Tier 1 Nutritionals has rebranded itself to better reflect the specialized services it provides to the global livestock feed industry. Tier 1 Nutritionals remains with – and Mr. Jacobson is stubbornly loyal to – Nationwide, who by the way has never used the fire claim as an excuse to raise its rates or cancel coverage on Tier 1 Nutritionals.

M3 also remains a strong ally of Tier 1 Nutritionals, investing the time needed to better understand the company’s business and proactively reviewing and adjusting its property & casualty insurance coverage needs.

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