M3 Simplifies Client’s International Insurance Coverages

Manufacturing & Distribution, Property & Casualty


Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. (ETC) – a fast-growing, international company based in Middleton, Wisconsin that manufactures lighting equipment and rigging systems.


ETC began to expand internationally in 1995, first making the move into Asia followed by accelerated growth in Europe.

However, their coverages were still largely being handled independently in each country, which sometimes caused gaps and redundancies in coverage, difficulty with filing claims, and miscommunication. M3 suggested taking a new perspective on their insurance program in order to simplify the process. 


M3 worked with ETC to implement a global master program, essentially bringing together coverages from each of their operating entities under one program. Many U.S. coverages were adjusted to expand worldwide so there wasn’t a need to have local coverages in place in every country. Coverages could still be held by various carriers, but communication was streamlined through a single point of contact at M3, and ETC could be sure that their foreign coverages were appropriate without having gaps or becoming duplicative.

A global master program has financial perks as well, allowing ETC’s foreign entities to benefit from the economies that can come with being connected to the larger parent company’s relationships. In total, the pivot to a global master program has resulted in significant premium savings.

Globalization is an ongoing trend, and M3’s International Team has firsthand experience. Their knowledge of the current international marketplace puts them in a prime position to help you streamline coverages and decrease costs.

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