Will a Homeowner’s Policy Cover a Multi-Family Micro School?

COVID-19, Personal Lines

The upcoming school year is presenting new challenges for parents and educational systems alike. Some parents are opting out of the traditional education system this year and choosing to educate their children at home, some even gathering small groups of children in one space, creating a multi-family micro school.

It’s important to understand the risks and liability that you take on if you are interested in going this route and hosting a multi-family micro school this year. We’ve reached out to our carrier partners to determine how they may respond to claims related to this circumstances. Each carrier’s reply was different. Below, you’ll find summaries of a few of those responses:

  • Some carriers will consider covering this circumstance only under in-home daycare guidelines, up to three children and no transportation of the children.
  • Others don’t have immediate concerns unless an individual was being paid as a teacher. Then, there would need to be a Business Pursuit Endorsement at the very least.
  • One carrier reiterated that if the insured is not being paid, and families are just getting together to homeschool, there are not any coverage restrictions on the home policy

Every carrier is approaching this situation in a different way. If you are planning on hosting a multi-family micro school this year, we recommend reaching out to your M3 Private Client Group Account Executive to dig into your current policies and ensure you’re covered appropriately.

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