13 of 50: Kids Building Wisconsin

The construction industry literally helps build a better world. But it’s also an industry that’s confronting a labor crisis. Kids Building Wisconsin is a 501(c)(3) organization that recognizes the profound importance of the construction industry and takes a unique approach to helping it flourish. The group focuses on elevating the industry’s image, celebrating its great people, and finding effective ways for it to attract more skilled workers. Each spring, its signature event gives children and their families a fun and informative way to experience construction.

Shining a spotlight, inspiring interest . . .

Kids Building Wisconsin helps showcase an exciting but often unsung industry, one that’s actually full of vast career possibilities. The annual Kids Building Wisconsin’s event lets parents and their children understand and experience the construction industry in ways they likely haven’t before.

Kids get to do everything from ride in a real boom-lift to build things from wood to explore real cranes, excavators, and dump trucks. That kind of hands-on involvement can create a spark of interest and make a lasting impression.

M3 knows firsthand how important it is for our construction industry clients to have a skilled pool of workers to draw from. We want to do our part in and out of the office to help them thrive. M3 makes a financial contribution to the Kids Building Wisconsin event, and staff members volunteer their time. For example, M3’s Director of Surety, Travis Schreiber, serves on the organization’s board and helps promote its annual event.

Without M3’s foundational commitment to both legitimize our event and the organizational help that having Travis on the board has brought, we would be nowhere near as successful as we are today. Beyond that though, the fact that M3 cares about what we care about shows how great a partner you are.

— Patrick Stern
Vice President of Client Services | Tri-North Builders

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