18 of 50: Joshua’s Camp

Everybody likes a break from the daily stress of life. But what about the stress that comes with a child undergoing cancer treatment? Joshua’s Camp in Eau Claire provides a magical kind of retreat for children and families who are facing the kind of life challenges that can be overwhelming. This special experience is offered to qualifying families free of charge at the Metropolis Resort and Hotel, which is also the home of Action City and Chaos Water Park – a prime, family-friendly entertainment destination in the Midwest. By creating a life-renewing respite, one full of joyful moments and a wide range of fun activities, Joshua’s Club allows both children and parents to let go for a while and remember that life isn’t just about struggle.

Courageous kids still need to be kids

Joshua’s Camp is a place where children with cancer can be kids again and experience the simple pleasure of play—the kind of thing that all kids want. More than that, Joshua’s Camp can play a small but powerful role in helping families reconnect and embrace what it feels like to be a family again. M3 understands—and celebrates—the important work that Joshua’s Campus does. That’s why we support it by contributing financially, volunteering our time throughout the year, and participating in its annual fundraising dinner and auction. We’re also proud to have M3’s Scott Trinrud serve on Joshua Camp’s Executive Advisory Board.

M3 has not only supported Joshua’s Camp financially, but we are also honored to have Scott Trinrud, M3 Partner and Senior Account Executive, as one of our valued and trusted board members. In addition to offering us his knowledge and background experience, he’s always willing to jump in and lend a hand whenever and wherever necessary! Joshua’s Camp would not be able to make a difference in the lives of these families without great organizations like M3—and great people like Scott.

— Wendy Carey
Assistant Camp Director | Joshua’s Camp Corporation

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