20 of 50: Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM)

The mission of the Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM) is to help end hunger and homelessness in the Cross Plains, Middleton, and West Madison area. MOM accepts year-round donations of money, food, and clothing, as well as other items such as school supplies. Nearly 50% of those who receive help from MOM are children, and the organization also provides special services to seniors.

Since its founding in 1980 by a local church, MOM has expanded its reach within the community by assembling a dedicated staff and bringing together numerous faith communities, neighborhood volunteers, and area businesses to share in its mission.

MOM’s Food Pantry, one of the largest in Dane County, has had profound success in combating hunger in its service area through a cutting-edge model of community assistance, one that helps prevent food insecurity by allowing guests to visit as often as they need. That approach extends to MOM’s clothing assistance program as well. In turn, people in need are better positioned to meet urgent financial demands such as rent, utilities, and car payments.

For qualifying individuals or families, MOM also provides a case manager who can offer advice, support, helpful connections, and, potentially, the means for people to grow out of their need. More specifically, case managers can help with housing assistance and budget counseling, and thereby empower people to take the needed steps toward achieving stable housing.

A commitment to be celebrated—and emulated

MOM’s commitment to bettering the quality of people’s lives is more than commendable – it’s inspiring. M3’s volunteers, donation drives, and financial contributions to MOM reflect our deep appreciation for the valuable work that the organization does. Our own Michael Harty believes so strongly in MOM’s mission that he serves on its board of directors.

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M3 is a vital partner to the work we are doing at MOM. From board members to insurance expertise to M3’s philanthropic commitment to MOM, we are a safer and more prepared organization. Everyone at M3 has always been quick to offer assistance and the volunteer time of the board members has been invaluable. We are able to prevent homelessness and end hunger for thousands in our community through innovative programs, in part due to M3 insurance and their full support. Thank you for your partnership!

— Ellen Carlson
Executive Director | Middleton Outreach Ministry

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