3 of 50: United Way Loaned Executive Program

Loaned Executive Program, United Way of Dane County

Every year United Way campaigns around the country involve mobilizing thousands of volunteers, non-profits, private businesses, and a variety of other participants to raise the funds needed to help accomplish the United Way’s core mission: advocate for people’s health, education, and financial stability.

To achieve success, effective campaign leaders are crucial. The United Way’s Loaned Executive Program enables exceptional leaders from a variety of professions to volunteer their much-needed skills for the  17-week duration of the United Way campaign season (approximately August thru November). That means companies and organizations commit to having one of their full-time employees devote his or her time and attention to serving as a local campaign leader.

A Great Way to Support an Amazing Organization

M3 has been a long-time supporter of the United Way. At both the corporate and individual employee level, M3 gets deeply involved with the United Way’s annual campaign. But we’re always looking for ways to further our efforts. The Loaned Executive Program has been a great way to do that.

For the United Way of Dane County’s 2017 campaign, Thomas Groff, Business Insurance Associate at M3, served as a Loaned Executive. Joining more than 30 other leaders from the local business community, Tom helped to secure corporate gifts and grow participation and campaign contributions by helping communicate the United Way’s mission to CEOs, employee campaign managers, and employee groups throughout Dane County.

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I’ve learned so much about the important role that United Way of Dane County plays in our community. On top of that, serving as a Loaned Executive helped hone my own skills in areas like sales, management, and communication.

— Thomas Groff
M3 Business Insurance Associate | United Way of Dane County Loaned Executive Volunteer

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