38 of 50: Power of the Purse

Power of the Purse & The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay Community Foundation

After more than 20 years of “empowering women and inspiring girls,” the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay is going strong. The organization focuses on understanding the most prevalent issues facing women and girls in the region. It then goes to work to provide funding for dozens of initiatives and programs designed to make a real difference in the lives of thousands of women and girls.

Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers and organizations who give their time and money to the Women’s Fund, this important nonprofit will continue to empower women and girls to embrace opportunities that help them reach their full potential.

A special organization with a crucial mission we support

Every year the Power of the Purse networking luncheon honors Women’s Fund grant recipients and celebrates the valuable work that the Women’s Fund does in our community. M3 is proud to support the event. For Cindy Van Asten, M3’s event lead, “addressing issues that positively affect our local women and girls makes our community as a whole a better place.”

The Women’s Fund is truly grateful for the support of M3 as a continuing sponsor of Power of the Purse. Their sponsorship makes an impact far beyond the event. It allows us to carry on our mission of empowering women and inspiring girls by providing grants to nonprofits for high-quality, effective local programs supporting women and girls. This enables us to develop community partnerships that research and target the biggest challenges women and girls face. It also lets us introduce the idea of philanthropy to individuals throughout the community.

— Kate Hogan
President | Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay Community Foundation

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