40 of 50: Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin/Green & Gold Gala

Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin helps thousands of people find hope and a path forward through its dozens of community programs. Everyone struggles at one point or another in their lives. Family Services offers a wide range of support services for those struggles, providing everything from counseling and crisis services to help for at-risk youth and assistance to new parents. That’s all in addition to specific self-sufficiency programs to help people get back on their feet by securing employment, maintaining stable housing, and living overall healthier lives.

All these programs wouldn’t be possible without the support of companies, organizations, and individuals who understand the profoundly important work that Family Services does for Northeast Wisconsin. Each year, the Green & Gold Gala is held to rally support for Family Service programs through a partnership with the Green Bay Packers Give Back. Last month at the Lambeau Field Atrium, the event raised a record $470,000.

A stronger community is more than an idea with Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin

With so many of its programs doing such valuable work in a 14-county area of Northeast Wisconsin, Family Services deserves our support. And M3 is proud to play a part in contributing. When dedicated people come together with a mission to help others in the community, we all become stronger.

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Through their support to Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin, M3 has helped protect, heal, and care for those who need it most. Family Services provides hands-on help to infants born in high-risk homes, a safe place for mentally-ill adults to live, the resources to stop abuse to innocent children, guidance to homeless youth, and so much more. These programs provide long-lasting, life-changing assistance to stop a prevalent, vicious cycle. Corporate partnerships such as our partnership with M3 make Northeast Wisconsin a better community of thriving children, strong families, and healthy individuals.

— Kristy Maney
Board Member | Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin

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