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Putting compassion into practice. That’s what the Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI) has been doing for 80 years. Though its services have changed over the years with the needs of the community, MCFI has always focused on empowering people to overcome barriers and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

MCFI has been praised for its innovative approaches, which address a wide range of challenges that those in our community face: everything from infants with developmental delays to employment services for adults with special needs to home care that helps seniors and others live independently.

Thanks to the work of MCFI, thousands of people’s lives have been changed. Those changes reverberate throughout our community, making it a stronger, more welcoming place for everyone.

An exceptional organization with a wide-reaching impact

The tremendous benefits that MCFI programs and services bring to our community shouldn’t go unnoticed. In fact, they should be celebrated and supported. That’s why M3 gives to MCFI in a number of ways—through corporate donations, fundraising efforts, and volunteering.

M3’s Pat LeMire has a family member on the autism spectrum. He has seen firsthand the profound impact that MCFI services can have on people with autism related challenges. Pat believes strongly in supporting the kind invaluable work that MCFI does for so many people. “I will continue to support MCFI, both professionally and personally, by doing whatever I can to make sure such an important organization continues to thrive and provide services.”

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We are blessed to have M3 not only as our business partner but as compassionate, collaborative colleagues who energetically support our mission and the success of Milwaukee Center for Independence. In a business capacity, M3 has guided us through a more structured approach to mitigating our risk with a focus on the continuous improvement of best practices surrounding our safety and quality assurance processes. But M3 goes above and beyond our business contract with them, giving freely of their time and talents. They volunteer and become involved in many different capacities within a variety of our programs and events. Congratulations on 50 years, M3! Thank you for your partnership, commitment to excellence, and servant leadership. We appreciate your mentorship and heartfelt support of our organization.

— Dennise Lavrenz, BSN, MBA, CENP
Senior Vice President Clinical/Client Services | Chief Clinical Officer

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