43 of 50: Access Community Health Centers

43 of 50: 50 Years LogoThe commonsense approach that Access Community Health Centers use to provide healthcare services is more than commendable. It’s crucial to thousands of people.

With locations around the greater Madison area, this Federally Qualified Health Center organization delivers high-quality care at a lower cost thanks to a focus on preventive treatment. This decreases the need for more expensive care later on. And Access makes receiving that care much easier because they provide comprehensive—and coordinated—services at their clinics. This includes everything from family medicine and behavioral health support to dentistry and pharmacy services. In fact, Access even offers additional support like financial counselors and interpreter services.

All of these factors help Access carry out their ultimate purpose: removing barriers to quality healthcare and helping those in need—regardless of their financial circumstances.

If not for Access . . .

Corporate donations, fundraising efforts, volunteer roles on boards and committees—these are just some of the ways that M3 gives back to Access. The reason is simple: Access plays an extremely important role in our community.

The non-profit has also been a longstanding client of M3, so we’re more than familiar with the way Access changes people’s lives. M3’s Sean LaBorde, who has served on Access’s board for many years, puts it like this: “I have seen firsthand how their model of comprehensive services helps people who normally would not have access to quality healthcare. The need for Access is definitely out there.”

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