44 of 50: Edgewood College

44 of 50: 50 Years LogoM3 has a long standing reciprocal relationship with Edgewood College. Edgewood regularly comes onsite at M3 to speak to staff about graduate school opportunities, while M3 HR professionals participate in Edgewood career fairs and often visit to host mock interviews, which help prepare students for what they will experience as they enter the workforce. The very first two interns in M3’s flagship internship program in 2005 were Edgewood College students. M3 hired both. And one of those interns, Kristi Kulas, is still with M3. In addition, two M3 directors currently serve on the college’s Business Advisory Board.

Scholarships can have a lasting impact on more than just students

At M3, we believe scholarships are a great way to stay connected to tomorrow’s workforce. To show we support the important role that Edgewood College has in our community – and our industry through the courses they offer – M3 initiated an Edgewood College Scholarship endowment fund sixteen years ago. Edgewood determines the recipients as well as the amount (based on investment market performance) and distributes the annual award.

A little more about Edgewood College…

With a student body of just over 2,000, Edgewood College in Madison offers a uniquely intimate—and beautiful—learning environment. Along with its 55-acre wooded campus on Lake Wingra, the college provides small class settings and a student-to-instructor ratio of 9:1. Edgewood College offers various courses each semester related to risk management.

It has always been our goal and commitment to find ways to support risk management education in our communities.

— Charlie Meldrum
former President and CEO of M3 | Retired

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