46 of 50: Disability Rights Wisconsin

All of us have a right to pursue the greatest possible quality of life. Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) focuses on protecting the legal—and human—rights of those with disabilities across our state. The private nonprofit is Wisconsin’s designated Protection and Advocacy agency. Every day the dedicated team of attorneys and support staff at DRW work to improve the lives of people with disabilities by educating, empowering, and fighting for them.

DRW’s services support a wide range of needs, including helping people understand their disability benefits, providing specific help programs through state and federal contracts, and serving as an advocate for people with disabilities who have been victims of crime or neglect.

The value of DRW’s work cannot be overstated

One of M3’s goals in corporate giving is to support organizations that improve the health and well-being of people in our community. DRW stands out in its success in doing just that. The organization’s positive impact is far-reaching and influences everything from important legislative changes to evolving cultural attitudes toward those with disabilities. By working tirelessly as an advocate for people with disabilities, DRW elevates the quality of life not just for a single group of people but really for everyone in our state.

DRW has been an M3 client for nearly thirty years. In that time, we’ve come to understand firsthand the crucial work that the organization does for people in our communities. M3 has formed a strong bond and a lasting partnership with DRW, one that has fostered profound respect for DRW’s mission and lifelong friendships with DRW staff.

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