5 of 50: Bay Area Humane Society

Americans own 78 million dogs and nearly 86 million cats according to the American Pet Products Association. And when it comes to American households, almost half (44%) have at least one dog and more than a third (35%) have at least one cat. Suffice it to say that pet ownership is a way of life for many Americans. People love their pets, but more than that, they care about the treatment and well-being of pet animals in general. That’s a big reason why our local Humane Societies are so important.

For nearly 60 years, the Bay Area Humane Society (BAHS) in Green Bay has carried out its mission “to offer the best possible care and future for companion animals in our community through leadership, placement, and outreach.” Caring for thousands of dogs and cats in a given year takes a lot of time, money, and dedication. That’s why support from residents and area businesses is vital for the Bay Area Humane Society to continue fulfilling a role that so many of us see as important.

Doing what we can to make a difference

At M3 we believe in the mission of the BAHS and have looked for smart ways to support the important work it does. Donating funds at designated intervals helps the organization administer vaccines, pay for animal lodging expenses, and keep its overall operation functioning effectively.

Donations and volunteer time, including serving on its board of directors, also help support the organization’s PetWalk, Bark of the Bay, and other events. These bring community leaders and residents together to not only raise funds but also raise awareness for the valuable services that the BAHS provides for the community. M3 loves knowing our efforts have helped improve the lives—and adoption rates—for dogs and cats in need in our area.

Bay Area Humane Society

Through M3’s involvement and financial support, the BAHS has been able to continue in their mission to provide care for the animals of NE Wisconsin. We are blessed to have your support, guidance, and donations.

— Dr. Patrick Warpinski
Board President

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