A Security Crisis Can Strike Anywhere at Any Time

Property & Casualty, Risk

Are you prepared?

In light of what happened yesterday in San Bernardino, California, we are reminded that security and safety should never be taken for granted.  While you can’t predict where or when a tragic incident like this will occur, there are measures you can take to help protect your organization.

On December 9th and 17th, M3’s Ted Hayes and PW Training Group’s Mike Bolender are hosting a seminar: Prepared, Not Scared – How the Best Trained Schools Prepare for a Crisis, to walk through preventative measures that can be utilized by school districts to avoid, prevent, or reduce a future violent event.

They have also developed a valuable resource outlining concerns and recommendations around safety and security.  While the information is geared toward schools districts, we believe any organization can find it useful in protecting its employees.

Contact your M3 Account Executive for more information.

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