RISK INSIGHT: Active Shooter Survival Tips – Part 6

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Facing an Armed Intruder or Active Shooter – Part 6

Is everyone in your organization prepared to deal with an armed intruder or an active shooter? This M3 blog series can help. Each post will share lifesaving tips to help you increase your chances of survival when the unthinkable happens.


Using team tactics can be very effective. Partner with another in the situation to distract and/or disarm the intruder. One person should attempt to control the weapon or arm holding the weapon, and get it pointed in a safe direction while a second person – using a planned or improvised weapon or their forearm/elbow – attacks ‘trauma susceptible targets’ (eyes, all sides of the neck, the clavicle, the solar plexus, the groin, ankles, and knees). Repeatedly ‘drive through’ the target until the shooter is completely disabled.

However, don’t assume disarming the shooter ends the danger of the situation.

  • When the weapon is disengaged from the shooter, move it as far away from the shooter as possible. Do NOT have a weapon in your hands as you exit the building or when law enforcement enter the building.  Remember, law enforcement does not know who the shooter is; having a weapon in your hands could lead to deadly consequences.
  • When law enforcement enters the area, listen and strictly follow their commands. Always maintain your hands above your head unless you are containing the gunman.  Always allow law enforcement to take command of the situation.

Source: M3 Senior Risk Manager, Ted Hayes and Captain Mike Bolender of the Peaceful Warrior Training Group  partnered on M3’s “Prepared, Not Scared” seminar series. Content from those sessions is shared in this blog series.

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