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Although data breaches are a common occurrence, many businesses don’t have the tools in place to minimize both their pre-breach and post-breach risks. The Milwaukee Business Journal recently assembled a panel of experts – including M3’s Derek Laczniak –  to discuss what companies should do to prevent an attack and how they can minimize disruption to their business operations if one occurs.

What are three things every company, regardless of size, should think about regarding cybersecurity?

Preparation, response and transfer [says Laczniak].
Preparation is understanding your weaknesses and thinking about them on both the front end and on the back end, after a breach has occurred. The next step is identifying your response team, both internally and externally, and determining how quickly you can respond. The demand for response will require the same level of haste as a fire in your building. Once you have preparation and response figured out, it becomes a matter of transferring that risk to the most appropriate entities.

For more valuable insight on what businesses need to do to keep their business operations up and running in the wake of cyber crime, contact M3’s Derek Laczniak.

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