Be(a)ware of these 2020 Cybersecurity Exposures

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. M3 has posted a series of articles throughout the month with today’s hot topics in cyber exposures, culminating in the release of this exclusive video conversation with our partners at Tetra Defense.

Bad actors are taking advantage of increased remote work rates due to the pandemic to infiltrate otherwise secure company databases and steal confidential information. It’s important to be aware of the changing indicators of an incoming cyber attack, and prepare your team to take action in the event of a breach.

In this video conversation, Emily Selck, Director of Cyber Liability at M3, sat down with Nathan Little from Tetra Defense to discuss the most pertinent cybersecurity risks your organization faces in 2020.

Tune into the video below to gain insight into how you can proactively protect your organization, employees, and data from:

• Ransomware
• Business Email Compromise
• Social Engineering


40 min. run time

Contact your M3 Account Executive to discuss your unique cybersecurity exposures and what risk mitigation protocols are in place to protect the future of your organization.

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