S2-Ep 3: The Biggest Mistake Small Businesses Make During Tax Season (w/ Chase Inda of Baker Tilly)

Small Business

As a small business owner, tax season can be daunting; but it doesn’t have to be! In this episode of The Fast Break, we break down what can sometimes seem like an overwhelming topic into actionable steps toward a more profitable tax season this year and for years to come.

Chase Inda, Tax Partner at Baker Tilly, has worked at Baker Tilly since 2006 and while you may have never heard the words “passion” and “taxes” strung together in a sentence before, it surely reigns true with Chase. His passion is clear as he shares the wisdom he’s learned over the years and supplies tactics for small businesses during tax season. Throughout the episode, Chase discusses actionable items such as minimizing payroll taxes and maximizing deductions, and he touches on some of those confusing acronyms like “ERC” and “PPP” and how they affect your business. So, tune in “now, for tomorrow.”

Listen Time: 25 min 15 sec

Now, make sure your foundation is set in the current and be ready to change. We are in a world that–even in the tax code world and even more so for business owners–change is immediate. Tomorrow is really the right narrative.

— Chase Inda
Tax Partner | Baker Tilly

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