Cannabis and Your Workplace Part 1: An Overview

Employee Benefits, Property & Casualty, Risk

What employers need to know about marijuana.

As an employer, you have a responsibility to enact policies and procedures that comply with applicable laws and fit your workplace culture.  With that framework in mind, you monitor changes in state and federal laws to make sure that your workplace is up-to-date with the latest changes.

Now, employers are faced with an additional challenge:  the varied legal status of cannabis-related products.

As states throughout the nation alter the way they legally classify marijuana/cannabis products, your organization may have to adjust its policies to stay compliant with changing laws.  Not adjusting to these new standards could affect your efforts to comply with regulations, attract/retain talent and reduce your risk.

Making things more confusing, the federal government classifies marijuana as an illegal Schedule I drug, while 33 states have legalized recreational and/or medical marijuana.  To add to the complexity, 13 additional states have approved use of low THC (the principal chemical in marijuana) products.

To demystify this situation, M3 is pleased to introduce a six-part blog series.

This series is focused on helping your organization to understand how legalization of these products effects your organization and will include information on:

  • Understanding the law
  • Your work policies
  • Testing your employees
  • Effects on safety-sensitive roles
  • Concerns for certain industries

At the conclusion of the series, M3 will offer further learning opportunities on this important topic. We want you to fully understand the various laws regarding marijuana and cannabis so you can make educated decisions on how you react to the legal changes which may affect your employees and organization.

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