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Johnson Health Tech


What happens when you outgrow your payroll provider?

Johnson Health Tech (JHT) specializes in creating high-quality fitness equipment for markets worldwide. When it became obvious that Johnson required a new vendor to better serve its needs for both payroll and employee benefits enrollment, the company initiated the necessary RFP process. But it soon learned just how time-consuming—and overwhelming—such a process can be.


M3 saw the challenges JHT was facing and introduced a solution: bringing in Benefit Technology Resources (BTR), an independent HR technology consultant. Because of its specialized expertise, BTR was able to lead Johnson through the potentially complex process of selecting a new payroll and benefits software provider. Instead of JHT facing an arduous task alone, it reaped the rewards of a partnership that ultimately led to a highly streamlined and effective vendor selection process.

Today, JHT has a new vendor that better fits its payroll and benefits enrollment needs. It also has a beneficial relationship established with BTR should it need insight and guidance on future HR technology issues.

For M3, serving as a consultant and advisor to our clients takes many forms. Sometimes it can mean facilitating connections that generate great results.

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