M3 Helps Satisfy Homeowner’s Personal Property Claim

Personal Lines


A homeowner in Southeastern Wisconsin


Water damage to the interior of this client’s home was bad enough. To make the situation even worse, the damage extended to a highly precious antique oriental rug. The insurance carrier provided a restoration expert to examine the damaged rug and it was determined the rug could only be restored to 75% of value.

What solutions were available to help the client’s personal property claim reach satisfaction? Just as important, how could the client get the best support possible to find those solutions?


Settling claims can be complicated. But when you have someone delving into the policy details on your behalf and advocating for your best interests, it can make all the difference in reaching an outcome you’re more than happy with.

The client had insured the antique rug at $28,000. Following the restoration expert’s determination, the carrier gave the homeowner the option to keep the damaged rug for $4000. Due to sentimental value that the rug held, the homeowner accepted the offer. In the end, the carrier provided the homeowner with a check for the $24,000, the original insured amount less the $4000 to retain the damaged rug.

M3 stayed in close, regular contact with our homeowner client and their insurance carrier, making sure that our client had a voice that would be heard and clearly understood.

M3 works hard to keep open lines of communication with all parties involved in a claim settlement. That leads to a better settlement for you and builds the trust needed for a lasting partnership.

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