Closing Claims Affects Bottom Line—Big Time

Property & Casualty, Senior Living & Social Services


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Workers’ compensation claims left open were leading to higher premiums for this company and hurting its bottom line.

Creative Health Care Solutions (CHCS) provides services in home settings to residents with mental illness and various forms of cognitive and physical disabilities. By providing compassionate care and instructional support, CHCS helps these individuals become more independent and responsible.

CHCS and companies like it play a crucial role in our communities—and they take on a lot of responsibility. So, the last thing CHCS needed to worry about was the complexities of workers’ comp reserves, or the refiling of unit stat cards, or experience modification factors.

That’s what M3 is here for.


M3 proactively searched for claims that remained open unnecessarily. Our workers’ comp adjustors then worked with CHCS to get needed information processed and the claims ultimately closed before insurance renewal. What does that do? In this case, it saved CHCS nearly $13,000 in insurance premiums, a substantial amount, especially at a time when premiums are generally on the rise.

This is an obvious boon to CHCS’s bottom line. But the impact goes way beyond a dollar sign. CHCS and M3 will continue to develop trust and understanding. Meanwhile, CHCS staff see that their employer is looking out for their well-being and safety. That feeling spills over into an improved company culture, which benefits everyone, including the residents.

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