COVID-19 Considerations for Schools

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COVID-19, commonly known as “Coronavirus”, has expansive implications for every industry, but is particularly notable for educational organizations. With student and staff health to consider, as well as planning for student education in the event of school closure, it’s imperative that district leaders have a clear understanding of their roles, as well as the resources at their disposal.

Organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) are continuously releasing new information and guidance for schools.

We encourage you to visit the following pages for the latest information and employer resources as you consider your preparation and response.

Resources to reference:

In addition to resources from CDC, WHO, and DPI, schools must also consider local strategies in the event of school closures.

Local strategies schools may consider:

  • Work closely with your local health department and student services staff to monitor local conditions
  • Review your visitor policies and determine if it is appropriate to make updates based on your local situation
  • Evaluate resources available to continue education off-site (i.e. virtual learning/digital learning)
    • If offering off-site educational opportunities, consider equity and access
  • Assess large events being held in your buildings or district-sponsored/endorsed events attended by students and/or staff
  • Explore community resources, needs, and your district’s role in community planning
  • Consult with your M3 employee benefits team regarding health plan and employee assistance program (EAP) resources available through phone or internet
  • Consult with M3 risk management professional with specific questions regarding liability, risk management, or strategies related to your district’s safety and security

Key Takeaway

Schools should be prepared in the event of school closings due to coronavirus. District leaders would be well-served by reviewing their current plans and policies, and staying up to date on the virus through the CDC, WHO, and DPI. If you have specific questions about your school’s needs, contact your M3 account team.

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