Cyber Liability Coverage for a Range of Risks

Cyber, Property & Casualty

If you use technology for your business, you’re at risk. Understanding the basics of cyber liability coverage is the first step in building a unique and effective strategy to best protect your organization.

Privacy Liability

Covers the failure to protect data, including personal identifiable data, personal health information, financial data, and corporate data. Protects information stored both digitally as well as in more traditional paper form.

Network Security Liability

Covers damage to a third party resulting from an intrusion of the insured’s network.

Media & Content Liability Coverage

Covers the misuse or infringement of copyright or trademark through the use of online media platforms.

Regulatory Action/Expense

Provides defense and potential settlement if the insured were to become the target of a regulatory investigation or action relating to failure to protect consumer or corporate data.

Business Interruption/Network Interruption

Provides expense reimbursement when network downtime caused by an intrusion leads to loss of income.

Digital Asset Coverage

Covers expense reimbursement for the cost of “recreating” critical software or network infrastructure in the wake of a cyber intrusion of the network.

Data Breach Fund

Covers “clean up” following a data breach. Typical expenses include breach coaching, legal fees, notification costs, credit monitoring, IT forensics, and public relations.

M3’s cyber advisors understand cyber liability and can help ensure your organization is properly protected.

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