Despite a Stressful Liability Allegation, Company Keeps Focus

Food & Agribusiness, Manufacturing & Distribution, Property & Casualty


A multi-faceted mechanical contractor which offers a number of services to the agricultural industry.


SmokeFromFire_340x200When a fire occurred at one of its customer’s warehouse facilities, the steps this company needed to take weren’t just complicated – they were almost overwhelming.


Rather than worrying about potential exposures from a multi-million dollar allegation of liability, this family-owned company is able to focus on what it’s been doing successfully for 43 years: providing excellent service to its customers.

M3 is providing expert guidance to the company, making sure that they receive a proactive and strategic investigation from the insurer. Regardless of the final outcome, M3 stands by its client. For M3, the situation the company finds itself in is exactly why insurance premiums are paid in the first place.

We’ll be doing all we can to protect this company and to make sure that the promises sold in the form of general liability insurance get fulfilled. A principal from the company put it this way: “I never want to go through a claim process like this again, but the support and professionalism that M3 is providing has allowed me to sleep at night.”

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