Enhancing Summer School Safety Protocols

Education, Risk

As summer approaches, school maintenance and cleaning projects ramp up, posing ongoing accident and injury concerns for your employees. With most teaching staff preparing to leave, the risk of costly workers’ compensation claims during these months remains a significant challenge for many school districts.

Prior to summer break, review the following safety controls:

  • If your district permits, ensure clear communication regarding teachers’ summer visits to the school, including their entry and exit times and the specific purpose.
  • Wear appropriate footwear—avoid sandals or flip-flops in summer. Floors may be slipper during cleaning and cluttered hallways pose trip hazards.
  • Teachers should never stand on tables, desks, or chairs to reach high objects
  • Teachers should seek custodial assistance when moving heavy objects, as they usually have to proper aides.
  • Prohibit teachers from bringing their children to school in summer due to safety risks from maintenance activities.
  • Teachers should not use side doors or prop doors open for convenience.
  • Any accident or incident that occurs in school must be reported to administration immediately

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