Finding Healthier Ways to Keep on Trucking (Literally)

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RGL Holdings


The trucking industry is notorious for high health insurance costs and poor wellness performance. Why that might be isn’t exactly a secret. The nature of the industry presents obvious challenges: 12-hour days, an older workforce, an abundance of fast food options, an ergonomically challenging workspace, and little time to exercise, cook, or see a physician.

And let’s not forget that an unhealthy workforce means lower productivity and increased turnover.

Given these factors, does it mean a trucking company should just throw up its arms in despair?

RGL Holdings didn’t think so.


A customized wellness plan is helping to change bad habits and create healthier employees.

Despite those industry challenges, in the last three years RGL Holdings has successfully implemented a cultural shift toward healthier choices. According to Carol Jamrosz, Vice President of Risk Management for RGL, providing options to truckers has been the key to a successful wellness program. “I have a team of people at M3 who help me review our health trend data and conduct needs-and-interest surveys. I also sit down with [employees] one-on-one to see what topics they’re interested in. Based on this combined information, we offer programs that address employee health issues and are manageable. It’s about finding the right combination of information they’re interested in and encouraging them to participate, rather than insisting.”

RGL now has the information – and wellness plan – to produce results. “M3 helps us plod through the paperwork and decisions necessary for a documented wellness plan that suits us. It’s very complicated, but they make it happen,” Jamrosz says.

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