Flooding Action: Preparation, Caution and Mitigation

Personal Lines

The recent Wisconsin weather has already impacted so many of our friends, neighbors and clients, and the current forecast indicates that the rain will continue to come. Information is your most important ally against the danger and damage a flood brings.


For information on preparing forsurviving during and remaining safe after a flood, check out this article at https://www.ready.gov/floods. This helpful article includes a library of resources, including:


Download the FEMA app to receive alerts and safety tips, locate emergency centers and recovery centers, and share disaster photos.


If water has come into your property, refer back to the M3 Blog post Water Damage Cleanup and Mold Prevention Guidelines for tips on how to mitigate the damage. By taking the right actions now, you could avoid the need for costly and complicated mold remediation down the road.


  • Standard homeowner insurance policies do not cover losses incurred by flood
  • It typically takes up to 30 days for a flood insurance policy to go into effect

Contact your M3 private client group team member to discuss coverage options that will work the best for you and your specific situation.

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