Foreign Travel Tips

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Traveling abroad is exciting, but carelessness can invite the unexpected and the wrong kind of excitement. Following are a few key tips that can help protect you and ensure the adventure of your next trip is contained to the itinerary.

Proactive Preparation:

  • Purchase travel/accident and trip cancellation/interruption
  • Purchase a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wallet: an RFID helps to keep your credit card and passport protected from electronic pickpocketing or skimming
  • Make sure your passport has a non-US cover, as travelers from the US are often targeted

Mobile cell phone/device tips:

  • Leave your current cell phone at home. Purchase a “clean” cell phone with the international plan you need through any cell phone retailer
  • Do not charge your phone via USB directly from the airport/taxi/hotel – be sure to use a charging block
  • Do not connect to any airport or hotel WIFI –purchase a MYFI device from your carrier
  • If you do travel with your mobile phone, turn off your Bluetooth
  • Do not post any photos on social media until you return, and do not announce your trips ahead of time

Hotel stay:

  • When renting a hotel room, request a room away from the stairs and not on the first floor. These room locations pose higher risks of theft due to the easier exits
  • Close all hotel doors tight; travel with a rubber door wedge
  • Lock all valuables in the room or hotel safe or leave them home altogether

Additional Tips:

  • If traveling with a number of executives from your company, take separate flights
  • If you plan on renting a car, be sure your personal auto insurance provides coverage before you leave


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