S1-Ep 11: The Four Pillars of a Successful Downtown – And How You Can Apply Them to Grow Your Business (w/ Jason Ilstrup of Downtown Madison)

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Jason Ilstrup, President at Downtown Madison Inc., joins us to share the benefits of a thriving downtown–both for businesses and individuals alike.

Members of a downtown community (whether as a business or as an individual) can stand to gain a lot from this episode. Jason shares two real-life examples of businesses that effectively use his two favorite offensive strategies: creating a unique experience and using omnichannel techniques. And he discusses powerful questions business owners need to ask themselves as they prepare their defensive strategy such as, “How do we survive now to thrive in the future?”

Jason will also cover the four pillars of a prosperous downtown, the benefits of a thriving downtown, and how members of the community can contribute and benefit from their own downtown.

Hosted by Matt Cranney, Executive Vice President of M3 Elevate

Listen Time: 21 min 04 sec

Successful downtowns are all about people. They’re about people living here, working here, playing here, visiting here from other cities. Downtowns are a place where people connect, where they socialize, where they do work and that is the network effect.

— Jason Ilstrup
President | Downtown Madison, Inc.

Downtown Madison, Inc. is a member organization that works through advocacy, research, planning, and community action to create and sustain a healthy and vibrant downtown for all people.

Are you maximizing the benefits that are out there?

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