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Eagle River Recreation Association


In January 2015, the Eagle River Sports Arena, a community hub for numerous hockey and ice skating activities, suffered significant roof damage from a winter storm.

When the damage occurred to the arena, owned and operated by the non-profit Eagle River Recreation Association (ERRA), winter activities were in full swing. That meant “the Dome,” as locals call it, needed to be mended as quickly as possible and made safe once again for occupancy. Questions regarding more permanent repairs would then need to be addressed in the off-season.

ERRA (4)To be clear, this is no ordinary building. Built in 1933, Eagle River Stadium, as it was called then, was the first indoor hockey arena in Wisconsin. Designed by German immigrant and architect Max Hanschel, the roof’s elongated dome shape is the result of lamella trusses, a design technique using interlocking wood rafters to span large areas – perfect for a sports arena. Today, the building is also home to the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame and is listed in both the Wisconsin and National Register of Historic places.


An expedited claim advance for immediate roof repairs was secured so the Eagle River Sports Arena could resume serving the community, and an amicable resolution was ultimately met for a claim settlement.

As coverage determination lagged after the roof damage occurred, M3 stepped in to help facilitate the claim process. M3 identified the savings clause within an exclusion and demonstrated to the insurance carrier that the damage at the ERRA facility was indeed covered under its existing policy.

M3 then advised the ERRA on the steps needed for determining damage repair costs to the carrier. Once a cost determination proposal was submitted, with permission from the client, M3 stepped in to negotiate a claim settlement resolution.

Today, the Eagle River Sports Arena is fully functional, but in the future, under the proactive direction of the ERRA board of directors, it will be undergoing renovations to keep this important center of the community going strong for generations to come.

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