How Do You Encourage a Clinic Visit?

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Lake Geneva School District


Part of getting people to take care of themselves involves getting them to see a physician. And that can be a challenge: busy schedules, time off from work, long wait times, the easy option to just put it off – the barriers to a clinic visit abound. But what if you removed those barriers? Lake Geneva School District wanted to find out.


Convenient care onsite has meant healthier staff – and cost savings to boot!

How about bringing the clinic to the staff? With the help of M3, Lake Geneva Area Schools created an onsite clinic solution for staff and their dependents (about 1,300 people total). To encourage proactive health and wellness, the consultations themselves are free. The clinic offers convenient walk-in “quick care” with services that include flu shots, wellness exams, diabetes care, and strep and urine tests that are less expensive and provide faster results than conventional methods. The accessible nurse is also a great resource for people who have more serious health concerns.

And what happens when people can more easily address health issues with a professional? They not only gain knowledge about their medical options; they also become empowered to take more control of their overall health.

“It’s a winning situation from all sides,” notes Warren Flitcroft, Director of Business Services. “Our staff and their families are healthier. It’s more convenient and cost effective. And our people are missing less time from work for a medical visit or because they’re ill.”

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