Career Planning – Choose Your Path

War For Talent

Career planning at M3 has been top of mind for us. Over the last few months there have been lots of promotions and movement within our organization— four new Vice Presidents, interns hired full-time, support specialists turned account managers, and account managers turned account executives. In addition to this movement, many of our employees are having active conversations with their mangers about their development plans. Through these development plans, conversations occur that entail creation of stretch assignments, acquisition of knowledge, skill growth, classroom training, reflection, coaching, and much, much more. AND, over the last year or so we’ve had three employees leave M3 to take BIG roles at other companies… good stuff!

It’s all about helping our employees grow professionally and meeting the needs of our (quickly growing) organization. So, is that happening? Here’s what the data says:hr_carreerplanning-internal_0916

The numbers are moving… and in the right direction, but there’s always more and better work to be done. We often have to remind ourselves, progress… not perfection, and that extends to our career planning efforts. It’s true that we do our best to create a culture and an environment that challenges people to grow professionally, but ultimately it’s up to each individual to capitalize on that environment.

So, to each and every M3er reading this:  We challenge you to think about your own career and the path you’re on. Make sure that you’re actively driving the next phase of your growth and not asleep at the wheel. Is there a stretch goal that you can commit yourself to achieving within the next six months? Challenge yourself to devote some time and energy on your career: find a new experience, take a class, mentor someone, and share your knowledge don’t do it alone— engage someone you admire and respect who can provide insight and advice. M3 will continue to remove roadblocks, but we’re counting on you to blaze your own trail.

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