Company Seeks Integration of Employee Benefit and Property & Casualty Services through M3

Employee Benefits, Manufacturing & Distribution, Property & Casualty


L.T.  Hampel Corporation


Is a proactive insurance advisor too much to ask for?

For its property & casualty coverage and employee benefits program, L.T. Hampel Corporation wanted a proactive business partner and excellent service provider. It sought a broker that brought valuable knowledge of the manufacturing industry and showed a real interest in understanding the Hampel company culture. Hoping for a healthy and dynamic broker relationship, Hampel reached out to M3.


Creative insight and strategic goal-setting has led to a comprehensive business plan.

After consulting with M3, Hampel elected to move both business lines – property & casualty and employee benefits – over to M3 simultaneously. The move fit with Hampel’s desire for a comprehensive business plan, one designed collaboratively by M3 and Hampel. That meant before any plan was set, M3 presented creative ideas that fit with Hampel’s unique needs. It also meant exploring key questions about Hampel’s goals, its growth projections, and any potential issues it saw on the horizon.

M3 now partners with Hampel as a proactive business insurance advisor. That allows Hampel to focus on what it does best – perform as a leader in its industry.

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