Laczniak Part of Cyber Security Table of Experts

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“Cloud-based services, Artificial Intelligence and integration with the Internet are forcing companies to rethink the way they view cybersecurity.”

Milwaukee Business Journal recently joined together a panel of experts to explore what companies need to know about cyber security today. The panel included Derek Laczniak – Director of Cyber Practice at M3, Stacy England – Vice President Operations at Data Holdings Data Centers, and Nathan Lasnoski – Chief Technology Officer at Concurrency, Inc.

Check out the full article: A New Cybersecurity Paradigm

If you build your security and risk management platform to an existing framework or regulation, you are destined to fail. Your security program should be personalized to your company.

— Derek Laczniack
Director of Cyber Practice | M3 Insurance

For more valuable insight on how to personalize your cyber security plan to fit the unique needs of your organization, contact M3’s Derek Laczniak.

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