Tribute to Loren D. Mortenson

Loren D. Mortenson, M3 Insurance founder, philanthropist and community leader, passed away on September 2nd at age 83. We honor his memory and what he meant to all of us during his 40 years at M3 and as our Chairman. Loren was a man of big dreams and boundless energy for both M3 and what could be “next” as an entrepreneur. He breathed life into and set the tone for our culture with a relentless passion for the M3 team, our clients, and our communities.

Mortenson was an inspiration and has left a tremendous legacy. M3 is passionate about continuing to grow our organization in a way he would be proud of. Thank you Loren Mortenson for paving the way and making an everlasting impact. You will be missed.

This company (M3) has always been about working hard to serve clients, having fun, and giving back to the community. But what it has become was beyond my imagining. And that makes me very, very proud.

— Loren

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