Don’t Let an Accident or Disaster Sink You

Personal Lines

Boats and watercraft create excellent pastime for owners, but they come with risk. M3 Elevate, a division of M3, can partner with you to protect your prized vessel and help you understand the corresponding insurance coverage. Relax and enjoy the water this summer knowing that M3 Elevate will be there to protect you against major loss.

Below are checklist items that owners can leverage this boating season.

Value of the vessel

Before placing your vessel in the water, make sure the value of the vessel is up to date on your insurance policy. To determine the value of a vessel, ensure the following are updated in the policy and submitted to the insurance carriers:

  • Trailer
  • Motor model numbers and value
  • Fishing equipment and accessories

If you have “decked-out” your boat with fishing equipment or accessories that didn’t originally come with the boat, be sure this is reflected in your policy. Generally, boaters’ insurance won’t cover add-on fishing equipment and accessories unless specifically asked. This includes added sound systems, lighting, etc. If you have questions relating to your vessel’s value, reach out to your M3 account executive.

Uninsured/Underinsured boaters coverage

Uninsured watercraft coverage helps cover your injuries or your passenger’s injuries caused by another boater with little or no liability insurance. This coverage is essential to help cover personal injury, medical bills, pain & suffering.

We understand the complexity of personal lines insurance, especially when it comes to more specific coverage of vessels. If you have any questions regarding your current policy, reach out to members of M3 Elevate.

Additional Things to Remember

ID and Registration

In the incident of an accident or getting pulled over by the police, always keep your ID and boaters registration handy.


All drivers of the watercraft should be listed on your insurance policy. If you have any additional questions regarding drivers and temporary drivers, reach out to your account executive.

Location of watercraft

Where are you operating your boat/watercraft? This is an important question when it comes to insurance coverage. Boat policies contain navigational limits, so be sure your policy reflects where you intend to operate your boat.

Practice Proper Boat Storage

At the end of the boating season, don’t forget to properly store your vessel so that you can continue to enjoy it for years to come. Precautionary measures will slow down the depreciation of the watercraft.

Learn about specific ways you can prepare your boat at the end of the season to avoid filing a claim.

Key takeaways

M3 Elevate is a team of experts who can assist you with questions regarding boaters insurance. When it comes to your policy, be sure the value of the vessel is reflected…including the additional “bells and whistles”.

  • All drivers of the water vehicle should be listed on the policy
  • The navigational limits of your watercraft should be disclosed to the insurance carrier
  • Always have your ID and boaters registration aboard the watercraft while operating it
  • At the end of the season, be sure the boat is properly stored so you can enjoy it for years to come

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