M3 Elevate Featured in Milwaukee Business Journal

Small Business

The Great Resignation aka The Great Reset aka The Great Reshuffle aka The Big Quit – every executive has been hounded by these buzzwords since the start of the pandemic as a warning bell for an upcoming exodus of workers. What’s been missed in the conversation, though, is that many of these workers aren’t leaving for a competitor – they’re leaving to work for themselves.

Maybe that’s you. While the decision to strike out on your own was anything but simple, the journey beyond that decision is incredibly complex. However, at M3 Elevate we can clear some trees for you on one topic that you may have been avoiding as you navigate this new world: insurance.

Yes, you do need insurance. Even if you’re a one-person shop. Even the earliest stage businesses need to consider what would happen if they were to experience a loss. From natural weather events to cyberattack, size doesn’t matter when it comes to these unexpected challenges. The question isn’t whether the challenges will come, it’s how you will deal with them when they do.

You shouldn’t settle for less as a small business owner. Large firms can make you feel like just another number, providing one-size-fits-all service that really doesn’t fit you at all. You need partners who see the whole picture and think like that for every facet of your business… Learn more about M3 Elevate and ways we can address your business insurance needs.

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