M3 is turning 50.

Reaching this milestone presents a time for some pretty awesome reflection. It’s an opportunity to pause and look back with gratitude on the people who have guided us, the customers who have trusted and counted on us, and the organizations who have partnered with us in working toward the common good.

It’s a chance to say thank you to…

Our Team.

We’ve spent hours talking with M3ers – past and present – about what our company has meant (means) to them personally. Some have retired, some are still working with us; some have been here for decades and others only a year or two. What we found was that, fundamentally, what we do and how we deploy our services doesn’t look much different in 2018 than it did in 1968. M3 is still a “do the right thing” business. We connect with people – and take care of people.

Our Customers.

While the foundation of how we serve our clients hasn’t changed, our customers’ needs have certainly evolved. The industry has changed – and continues to change daily. On one hand, we’ve accomplished a lot; on the other hand, there is still so much work to do. We’re up for it. We learn, we grow and we continue to immerse ourselves in an industry that needs us to be an active part of making it better. This constant change and challenge deepens our relationships with our clients and animates our creativity and ingenuity.

50th Anniversary

Our Communities.

At M3, we believe we are all accountable as caretakers of the world we live in. We all have a responsibility to leave things just a bit better than we find them, to think of each person we encounter as a friend and neighbor, to care – and to take action that shows we care. We partner with some pretty incredible organizations that work hard to make our communities stronger and provide people with an opportunity to succeed. Stay tuned for our “50 for 50” throughout 2018 – 50 stories which showcase organizations that do great good.

The level of trust M3ers, our customers, the industry and community organizations place in us hasn’t changed. How do we continue to earn that trust? That’s a question we should never stop asking and answering with our very best.

We enter the next 50 years with humility, clarity and gratitude. Thank you for choosing M3.

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