Mike Victorson Featured in In Business Magazine: Address ‘Life Fatigue’ to Win the War for Talent

War For Talent

The war for talent is evolving. With competition to hire and retain top talent constantly on the minds of our clients, our organization has spent a significant amount of time grinding on the ways we can help. Through my discussions with HR leaders and executives who lead our clients across the country, a common thread has stood out, an underlying factor that I don’t believe we’re considering enough: life fatigue.

M3 has defined life fatigue as the feeling of running on autopilot without a purpose, and it runs the gamut from feeling burned out to full-blown hopelessness and even depression. Community and business leaders put it this way, “Our workers are exhausted.”

What we’re seeing over and over is that when companies can connect their workforce to loving their business and loving their culture, they can not only win the war for talent, but as a subsection, help people with the deeper issue of life fatigue and their resiliency. This two-pronged approach calls employers to see their workforce through a “people first” lens and foster purpose, relationships, and true connection in their work environment, which can help workers break through the fog of life fatigue.

“Organizations that effectively link their company’s purpose to their workers’ personal purpose will reap the rewards of a highly engaged workforce.”

-Mike Victorson, M3 Insurance CEO

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