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Employee Benefits, War For Talent

When In Business magazine convened a panel for its annual Health Care Roundtable, the subject of inflation, and its impact on health care premium costs for the 2023 plan year, took on great importance. But so did the possible market responses to that inflation, and based on the observations of our expert panel, there are some innovative solutions on the horizon. In fact, those solutions span the entire benefits package, not just medical insurance.

The panel met on a hot day (Monday, June 20) at M3 Insurance in Madison and offered equally hot takes on local and national market trends. Learn how executives are getting creative to fight rising inflation.

“We can get really sophisticated while leaning on data, and we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We’re actually propping up an InsurTech accelerator called BrokerTech Ventures that is going to — and has started to — allow us to put new solutions out in the marketplace …”

-Katie Ott, M3

Roundtable Panelists:

  • Katie Ott, Director of Voluntary Benefits at M3
  • Dave Docherty, President at Dean Health Plan
  • Christian Rosenstock, Executive Vice President at Business Development of Total Administrative Services Corp. (TASC)


  • Joe Vanden Plas, Editorial Director at In Business Magazine

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