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Shay Boesl is a wellness coordinator at M3 Insurance. In this role, she helps clients develop and implement engaging and effective wellness programs and campaigns. She works closely with M3’s population health and wellbeing manager and account teams.

Boesl has a strong understanding of the latest research on wellness, and uses this knowledge to develop programs that are tailored to the specific needs of an organization’s employee population.

  • Earned a bachelor’s degree in health and wellness management from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • Previous experience working as a certified nursing assistant caring for those with memory-loss related illnesses
  • Joined M3 in 2022
    • Started as an employee benefits account specialist, 2022
    • Transitioned to wellness coordinator, 2023


  • Wisconsin-licensed life & health agent
  • Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP) – National Wellness Institute


  • Central Wisconsin SHRM member

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