What Does a Population Health and Wellbeing Manager Do?

Employee Benefits

Data provides employers with an opportunity to use their benefits program to positively affect their employees’ holistic wellbeing.

That is the posture from which M3, and our newly minted population health & wellbeing manager Tyler Stuntebeck, approaches benefits. We’re flipping traditional workplace wellness concepts on their head and combining data with AI-powered tools and world-class consulting to help our clients make true impact with their benefits.

What Does a Population Health & Wellbeing Manager Do?

M3 was a pioneer in wellness programs when they first came on the scene, but we have always looked ahead of the curve, seeking out ways to better utilize these programs for improving employee wellbeing holistically while improving our clients’ health care costs. On January 1, we named Tyler Stuntebeck our population health & wellbeing manager to solidify and expand upon this philosophy.

Population health and wellbeing is at the intersection of an employer’s clinical data and their culture. It’s a mix of art and science – and M3 is ready to weigh in and help our clients tackle their challenges and achieve their goals using a bit of both.

Using the technology that we have at our disposal, Tyler consolidates a variety of data sets (including medical claims, pharmaceutical claims, and social determinants of health) to showcase the health of your entire employee population and provide recommendations, strategies, and resources that can help you improve your population health across the entire care continuum.

What is the Goal of a Population Health Strategy?

Population health consultation provides strategies for employers to affect behavior change in their employees that promote holistic wellbeing, subsequently driving down health care costs.

While many employers look at claims as a baseline, the population health perspective takes into consideration the barriers and challenges employees and their families are experiencing at a group level. This approach takes a much deeper dive into your data sets to provide you with customized advice that fits your employee population.

While M3’s Dataffect approach uses data to inform how you can change your benefits and pharmacy programs, population health provides resources to change employee behaviors such as encouraging primary care appointments, complying with chronic condition plans, and more.

Key Takeaways:

M3 recently launched our population health & wellbeing specialization, with population health & wellbeing manager, Tyler Stuntebeck, at the helm. Innovative employers can benefit from this new focus, as we utilize the data, technology, and expertise at our disposal to provide you with a holistic view of your population’s health along with customized strategies to affect changes in behavior to promote improved employee health and wellbeing.

Ready to see how a population health and wellbeing approach can boost your benefits? Reach out to your M3 team today to discuss how M3’s population health and wellbeing manager can inform your strategy.

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